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Organizations are increasingly turning towards technology to resolve pain points of inefficient contracting. But they need to rely on expertise of consultants, services, and technology providers to ensure the success of their initiatives. smartContract CLM partner program is aimed at enabling these potential partners to deliver an integrated experience to clients in need of transforming their contracting function.

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smartContract CLM Partner Program

smartContract Partnership Program

Companies are constantly trying to drive transformation in their legal, procurement, and sales value chains. For this, they rely on the expertise of advisory, services, and technology providers who can offer access to industry best practices. The smartContract partner program is conceptualized as our effort to align the different sources of value to deliver an integrated experience to customers by leveraging synergies across technologies and services with our partners.

Our Partners

Partners categories

Consulting Partners

smartContract’ Consulting partners have deep industry expertise in several key areas– legal services, functional consulting, procurement excellence & transformation, digital transformation, supply chain automation, spend management and risk & compliance. They offer process improvement, advisory, solution design, and project management services. Our clients look towards these consulting partners to get an external perspective and leverage their expertise to get access to industry best practices.

Implementation Partners

smartContract’ Implementation Partners undergo rigorous training and certification programs on Sirion modules. They are Sirion experts and possess in-depth knowledge about the platform and the underlying technology. These partners are involved throughout the implementation phase from project initiation to go-live and ensure a smooth handover to client teams.

Technology Partners

Our Partner Program is designed for technology companies that offer software and technologies that complement and/or integrate with SirionLabs. Partnerships with such companies enable us to offer a better experience to customers by leveraging cross-platform and cross-technology synergies. Our technology partners span various technology segments: procure-to-pay, contract management, IT performance management, GRC (governance, risk and compliance), and financial management.


smartContract’ Reseller Partners are responsible for selling Sirion across geographies and market segments. They help us maintain a global presence and give customers across the globe access to the Sirion platform. Our resellers are trusted and experienced organizations that operate in related fields and can be relied on to recommend the most effective solutions to customers.

About smartContract

smartContract CLM is a Contract Lifecycle Management solution to deliver enterprise-wide value with smarter contracting supported by faster negotiations, greater compliance, robust automation and AI-powered business insights. By prioritizing simplicity while being powered by cutting-edge technology, the system has become a leading CLM system trusted by some of the largest organizations. smartContract CLM has been developed with an understanding that every organization faces different contracting challenges, and thus, it offers the flexibility to be configured to meet unique business needs.

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