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How smartContract helps each department



Due to highly fragmented processes to execute procurement contracts, it is difficult to ensure the intent of every contract is fully realized. CLM can help.

The volatile business environment has reinforced the importance of contracts to finance departments, as these documents govern every dollar in and out of a company.

Sales teams work across multiple systems and collaborate with different stakeholders for legal review of sales agreements and getting the documents signed to close their deals.


Contract management in an HR setting involves the creation, delivery and ongoing maintenance of staffing services including recruitment, training, development and compensation.

How smartContract helps each Industry

Efficient contract management is key to sail through and beyond the headwinds as tracking these legal agreements enable IT companies to unblock bottlenecks, identify where revenue is being eroded and maximize value from their business relationships. 

With the increasing attention on making supply chains more resilient, manufacturers have found themselves tangled in complex structures and stringent contracts. But at the same time, they need to protect their technology with airtight and updated contracts. 

Being an economic multiplier and powering new-age interventions, telecom providers have to strive to innovate to meet evolving customer needs but still establish very robust supply chains to ensure continuous delivery considering the falling downtime tolerance. 

The business environment for automakers continues to be
extremely volatile – it started with crushing semiconductor
shortages and has spiralled into significant price volatility across
the supply chain.

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