How smartContract CLM helps
each department

Explore some use cases below

How smartContract CLM helps each department

Explore some use cases below

Why HR teams need Contract Management System

Contract management in an HR setting involves the creation, delivery and ongoing maintenance of staffing services including recruitment, training, development and compensation. But due to the collaborative nature of HR contracts, it becomes difficult to have a frictionless contract workflow to create, execute and store them in a secure manner.

How smartContract CLM helps HR Teams

Easy HR contract

Automated templates let anyone create contracts, even those without a legal background.

Stay aware of all upcoming contract-related actions

Customizable reminders for any event in a contract’s lifecycle help you stay on top of your contracts.

All contracts at your

Central and secure online storage for all of your contracts with smart search and filtering to help you find any contract without delay.

Better candidate

Streamline your hiring process by centralizing and tracking all hiring documentation and activity.

HR without smartContract CLM

Longer time-to-hire, disorganized contracts

Why Finance teams need Contract Management System

The volatile business environment has reinforced the importance of contracts to finance departments, as these documents govern every dollar in and out of a company. But despite a strong understanding of what the company needs, finance departments aren’t able to accumulate the necessary information from the contracts to inform their company’s decisions.

Contract Management System

How smartContract CLM helps Finance Teams

Identify and mitigate current business risks

Establish accountability and monitor progress for any event in the contract lifecycle.

Negotiate better

Spot trends in negotiation terms and identify key contract levers that positively or negatively impact cash flow.

Understand the big

Track health of the company’s complete contract portfolio to take timely actions.

More control and no

Analyze contracts at scale and control the commercial terms that govern business relationships.

Finance without smartContract CLM

Insufficient control over cashflow,
partial visibility

Why Sales teams need Contract Management System

Sales teams work across multiple systems and collaborate with different stakeholders for legal review of sales agreements and getting the documents signed to close their deals. But in the absence of a carefully designed process that establishes transparency and enables easy collaboration, this process is often a bottleneck for sales teams. Some of the pain points include

CLM for sales department

How smartContract CLM helps Sales Teams

Accelerate contract creation

Technology to support self-service contract creation enables quick contract generation.

Coherent collaboration

Complete visibility into sales contracts' status and transparency in processes.

Precise execution

Automated workflow reduces missteps due to last-minute chaos while supporting faster contract execution.

Advanced audit trails

Audit trails also help businesses improve their compliance with industry standards and government regulation

Sales without smartContract CLM

Prolonged sales cycle times, rigid

Why Procurement teams need Contract Management System

Contracts are the single source of truth for the obligations, entitlements and risks in supplier relationships. But each stage in the source-to-contract process is often managed in silos – from developing a sourcing strategy to contracting to invoicing. Due to the highly fragmented processes, it is difficult to ensure the intent of every contract is fully realized.

Contract Management System

How smartContract CLM helps Procurement Teams

Accelerate Source-to-contract process with fewer dependencies

An intuitive contract drafting system that reduces legal dependencies and costs

better deals

Leverage AI and ML to analyse contract drafts, suggest favourable terms, identify deviations from preferred positions, and more.

Stay on top of all your

A central repository with advanced search and filtering capabilities serves as a single source of truth

Track Vendor

Define SLR terms and capture SLA data from contractors to ensure compliance. Alerts notify the company when SLAs are at risk of getting off track.

Procurement without smartContract CLM

Uneasy supplier relationships, dangerous
blind spots

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