CLM is overwhelming.

smartContract makes it accessible

smartContract CLM is a Legal Contract Management Solution to deliver enterprise-wide value with smarter contracting supported by faster negotiations, greater compliance, robust automation and AI-powered business insights. By prioritizing simplicity while being powered by cutting-edge technology, the system has become a leading Legal Contract Management System trusted by some of the largest organizations. smartContract CLM has been developed with an understanding that every organization faces different contracting challenges, and thus, it offers the flexibility to be configured to meet unique business needs.

Passion for our work is all because of our amazing team

Our core strength is our team of expert professionals – a great blend of experienced and young members who help us to commit to greatness. Our leadership team includes industry experts coming from diversified backgrounds who are rich, on exposure.

smartContract team of young professionals brings in the required energy and enthusiasm to kick start any new challenge.

We consistently strive with a determined approach to create a valuable impact in our engagements.

Legal Contract Management




The team at SR TEKBOX is led by Amit Garg, a software industry veteran and an alumni of India’s No.1 Institute, IIT Bombay. From the beginning of his career, Amit was very enthusiastic about building products and had an eternal zeal to innovate. With over 25 years of experience in various senior positions in industries in India and the US, Amit is a core techie by heart.

Amit started his career with Tata Consultancy Services in 1995 and gained repute in developing enterprise solutions for a wide variety of industries across the globe. Before envisioning SR TEKBOX, Amit had served as Principal and Vice President at TENSOFT at San Jose, USA where he was responsible for overseeing the complete lifecycle of product management for TENSOFT’s highly innovative software products. His determination and passion for products acted as catalysts and in 2008, Amit started curating a high-performance team and introduced the first development center – SR TEKBOX at Delhi-NCR.

Amit says “Our products and focused customer engagements ensure that we are always there to assist our customers and empower them with pioneering & ingenious solutions that enable them to respond quickly and decisively to vibrant market conditions thereby helping them achieve as well as maintain a competitive advantage. With every engagement, we become a partner with our customer. Our goal is to ensure customers achieve the maximum value from their investment in our product and services. We ensure they get focused, timely and prompt support from us at every stage of their journey with us.”


We are driven to succeed by following our guiding values and we challenge the status quo.


We believe in the power of our self-belief and Magic, that lies in the NOW!!! We face challenges with Self-belief and Spontaneity, without prejudices and biases.


We believe in larger picture, big ambitions and big goals. An ambition that resides in the skies. Easy goals, never excite us.


We aim for innovation not only in our products and services, but also in the way we approach every aspect of our business.


We are the technical equivalent of “Formula One Car Racing” – Speed, Efficiency, Teamwork, Risk, and Champagne. The Formula of Winners.


Trust and respect people, despite the differences. We treat people equally and communicate openly and honestly.


We understand the importance of challenging our comfort zone and raising our performance bar to new level each day.

Meet Our Professionals Team Member

Amit Garg

Managing Director

Basant Kumar Khatri

Sr. Director - Product Delivery & Services

Karamvir Mor

Director - Product R&D

Yogendra Malav

Director - Product Management

Vipin Paliwal

Associate Director - Product Delivery & Services

Akhil Arora

Lead Product Consultant

Tushar Chugh

Lead Product Consultant

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