The smartContract CLM difference

smartContract CLM has been developed with an understanding that every organization faces different contracting challenges, and thus, it offers the flexibility to be configured to meet unique business needs.

The smartContract CLM difference

smartContract CLM is a Legal Contract Management Solution to deliver enterprise-wide value with smarter contracting supported by faster negotiations, greater compliance, robust automation and AI-powered business insights. By prioritizing simplicity while being powered by cutting-edge technology, the system has become a leading Legal Contract Management System trusted by some of the largest organizations. 

Our Values

At smartContract, we uphold some fundamental values that propel us to deliver the utmost CLM experience for our clientele.

Power of self-belief and magic of now

We believe in the power of our self-belief and Magic, that lies in the NOW!!! We face challenges with Self-belief and Spontaneity, without prejudices and biases.

Growth and ambition

We believe in larger picture, big ambitions and big goals. An ambition that resides in the skies. Easy goals, never excite us.

Quality & innovation

We aim for innovation not only in our products and services, but also in the way we approach every aspect of our business.

Spiriting of winning

We are the technical equivalent of “Formula One Car Racing” – Speed, Efficiency, Teamwork, Risk, and Champagne. The Formula of Winners.

Accept the otherness

Trust and respect people, despite the differences. We treat people equally and communicate openly and honestly.

Raising bar of excellence

We understand the importance of challenging our comfort zone and raising our performance bar to new level each day.

Meet smartContract CLM Leaders

Legal Contract Management

Amit Garg

Managing Director

Legal Contract Management

Basant Kumar Khatri

Sr. Director – Product Delivery & Services

Legal Contract Management

Karamvir Mor

Director – Product R&D

yogender malav

Yogendra Malav

Director – Product Management

Legal Contract Management

Vipin Paliwal

Associate Director – Product Delivery & Services

Legal Contract Management

Akhil Arora

Lead Product Consultant

Legal Contract Management

Tushar Chugh

Lead Product Consultant

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