A Contract Management System that can be configured to your business needs

smartContract is powered by cutting edge technologies but is still flexible enough to be moulded to any organization’s unique contract management needs.

Benefits of Implementing a CLM Solution

Unparalleled Visibility Into Contracts

All the information you need at your fingertips in real-time – from the current status of a specific contract request to the health of your entire portfolio. Track everything within seconds

Boost Efficiency

Automate, standardize and streamline the end-to-end contract lifecycle management process to boost efficiency for all stakeholders by eliminating ambiguity.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate business risks in the entire lifecycle of a contract with an automated approval process and precise compliance analytics along with timely notifications to stakeholders.

Smart Drafting & Negotiation

Support contract drafting and negotiation processes with the latest technologies by introducing a centralized smart clause library and playbooks that provide case-based suggestions.

An Enterprise Approach

Easily engage other departments and stakeholders with the contract management process in a user-friendly way that best fits the entire organization’s goals.

A ‘Purpose-Fit’ Solution

With a lean and mean architecture, smartContract can be configured to your business-specific needs to ensure your contracts are handled in the best possible way.

USP's of smartContract

My Contract Assistant

AI-driven contract analysis to increase velocity and reduce risk by automatically identifying deviations from your standard clauses while also helping organize all the contract data.

Obligation Management

Automatic reminders and escalations to stakeholders throughout the contract lifecycle to ensure you stay on top of all your obligations.

Flexible Integrations with any platform

Seamless integrations with other IT systems like CRMs and ERPs to have a single source of contract information that is consistent across the organization.

Risk Management

Accurately assess and manage the risk of the entire contract portfolio with early identification of areas that need attention to reduce or eliminate their impact on business.

Word Add-in & Email Add-In

The power of smartContract Contract Management System can be built right into MS Word and also works flawlessly with your emails to ensure the workflow is executed with maximum efficiency.

Why Choose smartContract

contract management process
End-To-End Contract Management Solution

smartContract Contract Management system has been developed with an understanding that modern organizations have very complex structures and thus, have very unique needs to maximally optimize their contract management process. Our product can blend seamlessly with your organization and preserve the familiarity of your traditional contract management process while still introducing structure and incredible efficiency to the whole system.

We've lot more to offer with our core features

Automated Contract
Rule-based & Parallel
Proactive Obligation
Reject Over
AIML Based
E-signature Integration
Intuitive Draft Creation
Custom Alerts & Notifications
Structured Risk
Proactive Obligation

These Numbers Show Our Magic

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