Contract Management Rising Star Award

smartContract CLM named Contract Management Rising Star at Procurement Excellence Summit

smartContract CLM has been named winner of Contract Management Rising Star Award winner at the 9th Edition Procurement Excellence Summit and Awards held in Mumbai, India. The Summit by UBS Forums received entries from hundreds of organizations across the country. Nominations were submitted from organizations of all sizes and across nearly every industry, being considered for awards spanning a diverse array of categories.

Placing contracts to the core of your business, smartContract CLM transforms contract management to enable better control, reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive growth. Our pioneering Generative AI capabilities further streamline contract management through automated review, analysis, summarization, and creation of legal documents.

This prestigious award signifies a culmination of smartContract CLM’s remarkable achievements in innovation and growth that include:

• smartContract CLM is among the faster growing CLM companies in India and this growth has been underscored by its ability to attract and serve some of the largest companies in the country. • At the forefront of innovation, smartContract CLM distinguishes itself through pioneering integration of Generative AI seamlessly across every stage of the contract lifecycle. • Endorsements and abundant positive testimonials serve as a testament to the tangible benefits that smartContract CLM brings to businesses, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in contract management.

“This award marks a breakout period for innovation at smartContract CLM, validating our relentless pursuit of excellence. It recognizes our continued innovation and growth trajectory, affirming our commitment to generating massive value for our customers. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re inspired by the recognition and excited for the bright future ahead,” said Amit Garg, founder of smartContract CLM.

About smartContract CLM

smartContract CLM is an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that empowers businesses to manage, understand and improve their contracts to fuel prosperous outcomes. Unlike rigid, one-size-fits-all CLM solutions with limited customization, smartContract stands as a trusted partner that provides a best-of-breed and agile solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an organization and blends seamlessly with their operations.

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