smartContract CLM partners with Cygnet Infotech

smartContract CLM has announced a strategic partnership with Cygnet Infotech to further enhance its ability to deliver an end-to-end contracting experience by offering seamless integration with Cygnet’s digital signing tool Cygnature. This partnership will enable joint customers to elevate contract creation, review, execution and post-execution experience for every business function while increasing compliance with the broadest range of legal requirements and following the most stringent security standards.

Researchers have concluded in multiple reports that organisations lose 9.2% of revenue annually due to poor contract management practices, and this partnership will help in reducing these losses for organizations worldwide.

Distinguished by its flexible configuration and the ability to be tweaked to specific business requirements, smartContract CLM boasts of advanced features such as AI-powered My Contract Assistant, robust obligation management, Word Add-In and Email Add-in. Speaking on the importance of this partnership, Amit Garg, Founder of smartContract CLM, said, “integration with Cygnature further enhances our ability to deliver an end-to-end contract management experience with seamless consistency to our clients, including the ability to digitally create, execute, understand, and manage contracts with simplicity. Counted amongst the leading CLM systems available today, smartContract CLM is trusted by some of the largest organizations and is flexible enough to solve contracting challenges as they evolve. With our association with Cygnature, both companies will benefit from each other’s core technological capabilities and provide a more technologically advanced solution for every contract management need.”

Commenting on this latest development, Yogesh Lokhande, Business Head Cygnature elaborated, “We help clients accelerate their Digital Transformation through connected ecosystems. Our collaboration with smartContract CLM, a trusted Contract Lifecycle Management provider, will ensure that we are at the forefront of offering unique CLM solutions for organizations’ business challenges. We are confident that together with smartContract CLM, Cygnature will unlock even more efficiencies for businesses and will strengthen its position as a preferred digital contract signing and management solution.”

About smartContract CLM –

smartContract CLM is a Contract Lifecycle Management solution to deliver enterprise-wide value with smarter contracting supported by faster negotiations, greater compliance, robust automation and AI-powered business insights. By prioritizing simplicity while packing cutting-edge technology under the hood, the system has become a leading CLM system trusted by some of the largest organizations. smartContract CLM has been developed with a vision to solve the contracting challenges even as they evolve by the minute, and thus, it is flexible enough to be configured to meet unique business challenges.

About Cygnet Infotech –

Cygnet Infotech is a leading digital engineering services company. Apart from our Services offerings, we have our own suite of accelerators and products. We work with clients across multiple countries, including Fortune 500 enterprise corporations, medium-sized businesses, fast-paced start-ups, and Government Bodies. We have teams across multiple regions and our solutions include Technology Services, E-signing, RPA, Test Automation, Tax Technology, and Fintech. Aligned with our vision of providing technology-enabled business solutions, Cygnet Infotech delivers end-to-end solutions for clients’ most pressing business needs.

Cygnature, by Cygnet Infotech, is a leading blockchain-based e-Signing solution. For more information –

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