smartContract CLM launches generative AI features with a focus on tangible results and quick wins 

Today, smartContract CLM unveiled its groundbreaking generative AI features, designed to deliver tangible and quick wins for businesses. With a comprehensive set of use cases covering the entire contract lifecycle, smartContract CLM empowers clients to choose the functionalities that best align with their unique needs, enabling them to define and prioritize the most relevant generative AI use cases for their business. The company’s strategic approach to emphasize tangible value ensures that businesses can experience immediate and measurable benefits from the adoption of generative AI, laying the foundation for scalable and successful implementation while minimizing risks.

“Generative AI is revolutionizing contract management, offering substantial business value beyond productivity gains,” said Amit Garg, founder of smartContract CLM. “As a trusted CLM partner, we are committed to supporting our clients throughout their generative AI journey, tailor solutions to ensure customer success and create pivotal moments that maximize business value.”

Over the last few years, smartContract CLM has been at the forefront of AI innovation, empowering clients across diverse industries, including aviation, pharma, automobile, IT services, and more. With this groundbreaking launch, smartContract CLM propels into a new era of AI-driven contract management, as generative AI capabilities join the robust AI portfolio, offering a holistic suite of features that provide both high-level portfolio analysis and granular insights into individual contracts.

Highlights of smartContract CLM’s Generative AI features that span across the complete contract lifecycle:

  • Efficient Contract Generation: Simplify complex legal language, modify clauses, and create contract templates based on predefined rules and standards.
  • Comprehensive Contract Review: Extract vital information, identify risks, highlight critical clauses, and ensure compliance for improved contract negotiation.
  • Strategic Contract Negotiation: Analyze terms, identify areas of compromise, and suggest alternative clauses, enhancing agreement facilitation
  • Actionable Contract Summarization: Extract key terms, obligations, and provisions for swift analysis and decision-making.
  • Innovative Playbook Development: Create playbooks based on past contracts and current legal standards, streamlining processes and ensuring consistency.
  • Effective Compliance Monitoring: Monitor contract compliance against benchmarks, track deadlines, and manage renewals for enhanced governance.

These highlights offer just a glimpse into the vast capabilities of smartContract CLM’s Generative AI features. The new capabilities also power features such as customized playbook suggestions, identification of previously negotiated terms, and proactive identification of risks and ambiguities. The AI-powered insights extend to analyzing large contract volumes, identifying trends, risks, and opportunities, thus providing a comprehensive toolkit for strategic decision-making. Additionally, the solution’s capability to summarize lengthy contracts succinctly streamlines processes and ensures key terms are never missed.

For more information about smartContract CLM’s generative AI features and their complete suite of capabilities, please visit this page or contact us at

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