Legal Counsel’s Role in Enforcing Net-Zero Plans

Amit Garg, Founder and Principal Architect, smartContract CLM
Nancy Nelson, President and Senior Consultant, ABiz Corporation

Net-zero transitions are high on the agenda as corporations step up to acknowledge their responsibilities to the environment. But what is net-zero? The concept requires emissions of a corporation to be reduced as much as possible and the remaining emissions to be captured from the atmosphere to achieve a net balance.

Many companies have made ambitious pledges to get to this state, with a few aiming to get there by as soon as 2025. To achieve this, companies need strong ESG policies and innovation. This is where legal professionals come in. In-house lawyers are the conscience of their companies, and are uniquely placed to influence the executive board and spearhead strategic change. Therefore, a subject like net-zero, defined by social conscience, needs the in-house lawyer’s influence as well as skills to carry out the practical aspects of embedding policy for both internal and external stakeholders.

Read the latest blog by our Founder Amit Garg in Bloomberg Law with Nancy Nelson from Abiz Corporation explaining how Net-Zero transitions are a real opportunity for legal counsel with substantial incentive to increase their value to business.

Read the full article in Bloomberg Law.

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