End-user dilemma

End-user dilemma: Making LegalTech work for employees

While there can be many factors that influence the success of extensive LegalTech projects, one of them is most enduring in successful projects: Putting users before technology.As legal departments aim for next-generation capabilities, they need to grasp some fundamental truths. First, legal professionals will not be the only end-users of the technology. Second, they must establish a link between digital investments and business outcomes. Third, achieving buy-in and adoption from their teams is doomed to fail if different departments can’t agree on a common roadmap and strategy.

So how do legal departments ensure the tools being chosen are also the rig.ht fit for end users?

Read the latest blog by our Managing Director Amit Garg in the Canadian Bar Association explaining how companies can focus on the end-user from the start and why it has become a dilemma.

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