CLM Technology

Speed to Contract – How CLM Technology can help?

Contracts are crucial, but they should not slow down business deals. The business teams work hard on deals. It can be frustrating for them when the contract execution holds up the revenue or the other benefits the deal offers. That’s why every business understands and recognizes the need for fast and efficient execution of contracts. But how can that be achieved?
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Digital Contracts

Digitizing Contracts For Growth in 2021

Contracts are the lifeblood of business. Irrespective of the industry, signed agreements are essential for properly defining relations and collaborations with customers, suppliers of goods, service companies, users, and employees – to say the very least.
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digital signing with smartContract

Importance of Digital Signing In The Time Of Pandemic

At smartContract we have been closely monitoring the impact of the pandemic on the legal operations. Businesses run on contracts and contracts are simply a piece of paper until they are validated with signatures. But physical signing of contracts has gone beyond our reach. We are facing a big question of how to execute contracts in these circumstances of lockdown and social distancing.
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